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  • Tree Trimming

The Norway Maple to the left was damaged in Hurricane Juan. The owners wanted to restore the original look of the tree, which was more globe like in shape. First we cut back the branches which distorted the shape or crossed (rubbing branches). Then we reduced the height by about five feet to improve the shape. Lastly we thinned the inner branches of unnecessary foliage to help the tree conserve it’s energy and promote the growth of the outer layer. This will allow the wind to pass through the tree, and preserve the conical shape for the future.

  • Stump Removal

Remove unwanted tree stumps from your property.

  • Drone Rescue
  • Cat Rescue

Tree Tips

Uncared for trees don’t only look unsightly, but create a security risk for your home and family. An incalculable number of damaged homes during Hurricane Juan could have been saved had owners properly groomed their trees. In the example to the left, you can see how grooming has reduced the wind resistance this tree has to bear in a storm dramatically reducing the risk of it blowing over onto the home.

“I had occasion to watch Ben and his team work on my neighbour’s overgrown trees, and was very impressed to see the result and how clean the property was after.  I too needed some trimming and Ben provided a very reasonable estimate and exceeded my expectations with the finished work.  I also noted that after he finished my work ( to my complete satisfaction) another neighbour asked for work to be done!  Good work is noticed.”

Thomas F. Brown (